Acid Brick Floor Lining

After years of sulphuric acid attack, this protective brick floor lining had well exceeded its lifespan.


  • INDUSTRY: Metal Refining
  • LOCATION: Tennessee
  • YEAR: 2023
  • FOR MORE INFORMATION: Reference job M23-006

The brick floor lining in this metal refining facility was installed in the 1970’s. After nearly 50 years, it’s ready for a refresh. You can see how the sulfuric acid was starting to eat away at all three layers of the protective flooring system.

eroded floor in industrial processing facility












We first cleaned all the debris and unwalkable wreckage off the floor. We then demolished all of the brick, cleaned the concrete to neutralize it, and then patched where there were deep voids (holes) in the foundation with concrete. We applied Blome primer 75, 1-2 inches of Blome CP-95 Epoxy Concrete, and lastly the acid brick with Blome CP-96 Epoxy Mortar. We made sure to take extra care to tent and protect our working area from contamination from acids used during operations.


new acid brick floor lining



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acid brick floor lining

acid brick floor lining installation

acid brick floor lining around column

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