Chlorination Tower Crossover Reline

When this crossover’s elbow gave out, Universal Blastco came in immediately providing a proper fix that would last until the next outage. 


Project Details

  • INDUSTRY: Pulp and Paper
  • CUSTOMER: Paper Mill Bleach Plant
  • LOCATION: New York
  • YEAR: 2023
  • FOR MORE INFORMATION: Reference job M23-020 / UB49


Chlorination Tower Crossover Reline


Five months prior to the mill’s upcoming outage, a portion of the crossover’s elbow gave-way. Universal Blastco’s Brick, Block & Tile team mobilized immediately and performed temporary repairs on the crossover brick after the steel was repaired. These repairs were intendent to minimize down time and ensure the asset could perform until a replacement of the elbow could be installed during the outage.

What caused this blow out?  When external insulation is used on steel, moisture can get trapped between the insulation and steel, causing corrosion from the outside-in. It’s important to monitor underneath the insulation for signs for corrosion.

paper mill crossover elbow blown out



During the next few months, a new steel elbow was prefabricated by a local steel fabricator and brough on site the week prior to the outage. While the elbow was on the ground and easily accessible, we blasted, primed, and applied a membrane to the elbow.

Once the outage started, we removed the brick in the existing elbow so that it could be safely lifted out of place. After the new elbow was set and welded, we worked around the clock applying new acid brick set in vinyl ester mortar to the elbow.


DEMONSTRATING TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: Strategic Repairs Sustain Crossover Operations Ahead of Outage

This project was a great example of Universal Blastco’s technical expertise in understanding chlorination towers and being able to provide a temporary solution to keep the crossover in operation until the outage.


Setting new crossover insert

brick demo mill crossover

crossover elbow lined paper mill

crossover elbow reline in process

Lining steel crossover brick