Filter Plate Repair

The filtering process within a chemical plant is tough and dirty. It’s important to upkeep maintenance on filter plates and components to avoid leaking. This includes cleaning as well as repairing or replacing when failures are identified.

There are many benefits to repairing filter plates rather than replacing.

  • Repairing has a short turnaround, especially compared to purchasing new from international supplier
  • Lower cost compared to replacing
  • Customizations can be made at the time of repair to account for design faults
  • Environmentally friendly

Do you need a trusted and consistent source for sending filter plates to for repair and customization?

Universal Blastco’s FRP division focuses solely on building and repairing fiberglass, plastic and other engineered composites. We often repair plastic and fiberglass filter plates that have begun to warp, allowing leaking into the process. We’re the preferred filter plate repair service contractor for many chemical plants, paper mills and wastewater treatment plants.

  • Evaluation: Our experts can come onsite to evaluate and recommend options for repairs. We are experienced with identifying design flaws, and coming up with ways to improve them.
  • Repair/Refurbish: We have the experience and equipment to repair filter plates effectively and efficiently.
  • Shipping: We can coordinate all shipping of plates to and from our shop, which is located in Delco, North Carolina.




filter plate with new wax coating  filter plate with new wax seal

First the edges were newly routered for the membrane seal. Then after making some crack repairs, it got a new wax coat.


filter plate eye hole repaired filter plate eye hole

The damaged feed eye was cut out, and then a new one was installed.


filter plate with damaged guide ear filter plate guide ear

This guide ear was replaced by cutting out the old threaded couplings that were inserted in the filter plates.