Blast & Paint Shop

Industrial coatings paint shop ohio west virginiaUniversal Blastco’s Blast & Paint Shop is located on the northern border of Ohio and West Virginia. This convenient blasting and painting option in the Northeast for equipment up to 60 feet in length and under 85 tons. This climate-controlled environment allows us to maintain ideal temperatures and humidity levels for optimal adhesion. Therefor the risk of outside contaminants interfering with the quality of the process and outcome is reduced. Our staff are experts in coating systems and best practices. We understand that in your industry, timeliness is often critical. We’ll work around the clock to help you get your equipment back into production.

Shop Details:

  • Fits equipment up to 60 feet in length and under 85 tons
  • 85-foot, bi-directional overhead crane to load and offload off flatbed trailers
  • Coordination of shipping your items to and from our shop
  • Procurement of materials needed
  • Storage and lay down available
  • Third-party quality control available
  • NACE inspectors on staff
  • We rock around the clock. Our team can work constant shifts for quick turnaround.


QP3 Certified for Shop Painting

ampp qp3 certification badge for industrial shop painting

We are proud to hold the AMPP QP3 Certification for our state-of-the-art Blast and Paint shop. The QP 3 Certification mirrors the requirements of QP 1 with an emphasis on standards and procedures that are unique to shop blasting and painting. Our AMPP QP3 certification for enclosed shop painting reflects our commitment to providing unmatched quality and consistency in every project. You can trust that your piping and tank painting needs will receive superior coatings in a controlled environment, assuring long-lasting protection.

Learn about why you should care if a paint shop is QP3 Certified.

Typical Equipment Serviced:

We specialize in blasting and painting large-scale equipment and pipe systems for power plants, chemical plants, paper mills and mines.

  • Absorber ducts
  • Chests
  • Cooling towers
  • Fuel systems
  • Hoods
  • Modular piping
  • Oil piping
  • Pipes
  • Process vessels
  • Scrubbers
  • Secondary containment systems
  • Structural steel
  • Tanks

paint booth

inside of paint booth

lifting pipe off truck in paint shop

Large pipes being painted

White tank entering paint booth

Painting gas pipe green

Contact Us

To contact the Blast & Paint Shop call 304-455-5599 or Request a Quote here.
The Shop is located in Hannibal Business Park at 42722 State Route 7 in Clarington, Ohio 43915.