Saltstone Disposal Unit #6 Interior Lining

At Universal Blastco (a subsidiary of Industrial Services Group), we have the experience and equipment to provide corrosion control solutions for client applications involving some of the most extreme environments, including nuclear waste facilities. 

The following case study highlights our ability to handle one-of-a-kind and large-scale projects. For this unique project, we were tasked with sealing a nuclear waste tank. Nuclear waste containment tools—such as tanks—are common structures that are specially designed and built to contain hazardous waste material with no chance of failure. However, in this use case scenario, we were charged with sealing the largest nuclear waste containment tank to date. Additionally, to properly seal the containment unit, we were expected to perform the most extensive single application of rubber within a single tank. 

The successful completion of this project hinged, among other factors, on the careful review of the quality, safety, procedural, and work operation standards by the client, as well as the contribution of approximately sixty craft unions. 


Saltstone Disposal Unit #6 required surface preparation and application of pre-vulcanized rubber to the 160,000 square feet concrete tank surface to provide a leak-free environment for nuclear waste. Some of the challenges in completing this project include:

  • Government rules and regulations. The U.S. government maintains and enforces a comprehensive list of rules and regulations related to proper nuclear waste containment. Our team needed to perform surface preparation and rubber application operations according to these standards.
  • Quality control requirements. The client required extensive paperwork and design plans for every step of the process to manage third-party quality control processes.
  • Material changes. Midway through the project, we needed a change in materials. The new material was manufactured in Europe, so it required extensive supply chain coordination to deliver the material with enough time to meet the client’s strict deadlines. 


Despite the logistical challenges, the Blastco team was able to deliver a complete solution. Within seven months, our expert team prepared the tank’s surface, applied an epoxy primer and surfacer, and installed pre-vulcanized rubber material into a 160,000 square feet, 32 million gallon tank. In doing so, they produced a completely leak-free container for nuclear waste and environmental remediation. 

To guarantee the success of the project, our team worked onsite during this project. Multiple project managers worked together to ensure that the project was progressing on time and the technicians were able to respond to technical changes and requirements. We also assisted the third-party quality control team.

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This project met its deadline without any injuries. The result was a newly applied, pre-vulcanized rubber lining that resolved the earlier leakage problem to better contain nuclear waste.

At Universal Blastco, we provide custom corrosion containment solutions for industrial chemical and petrochemical processing facilities, including coatings, linings, composite piping, tanks, and vessels. Our designs and products withstand hazardous and extreme conditions to keep your facility and the surrounding environment safe. Check out our industry page to learn more about how our team can help protect your chemical or petrochemical facility. To receive a free quote for your next containment project, contact Universal Blastco today