Safety is the most important part of every single employee’s job.

To achieve a truly effective culture of safety at the workplace, employees’ actions must be driven by shared safety-related beliefs, attitudes and values.  We are absolutely committed to a culture that helps employees grow and thrive their safe practices in all areas of their life. So much that we ask our employees to declare that safety is a value in their life, that safety is part of everything they do – not just on the job, but at home, on the road, and in their neighborhood. We ask this of every employee because we believe that an employee cannot truly be safe if they are only safe at work.

We are driving to exceed even the highest standards and are fully committed to a process of continuous improvement with our safety efforts:

  • We’ve developed a cloud-based proprietary safety and talent management system to identify specific needs for current and upcoming jobs, employee availability based on skills, and a complete tracking of employee training records.
  • Our Safety Department is visible and conducts robust audits that allow us to best monitor job site safety practices.
  • Employee-led Safety Committees empower to give employees direct ability to voice concerns and suggestions to management.
  • Every single employee has STOP WORK authority when they observe an unsafe condition or have questions about the work plan.
  • Every employee has the president’s cell phone number and can call him with ANY safety concerns.




Employee shares safety story

A Universal Blastco employee shares their personal story about a work-related injury at a past company he worked for.

Safety training on bucket lift

Annual safety trainings allow employees to refocus on essential safety practices. Here, employees receive safety training from United Rentals.

Pure Safety Group hosts safety training

Industry safety experts, Pure Safety Group, train Universal Blastco employees on fall protection.