Concrete Restoration

Concrete is a staple in the structural design of power plants, paper mills and chemical plants, but it’s not indestructible. Over time, environmental and operating factors such as chemical erosion, thermal exposure and physical stress can cause damage and degradation. If left uncared for, the effects on the concrete can cause costly repairs and downtime. Compared to the cost of fully removing and replacing the existing structure, concrete restoration comes with a much lower price tag.

At Universal Blastco, our concrete restoration experience is specific to the needs and situations within plants like yours. We use fast-setting solutions to make repairs during outages, to bring the structure back to its original condition or even to modify the structure to be stronger or meet another need. We are also able to perform emergency work and support services. Our solutions can also backed with a 10-year warranty.


We Provide Concrete Restoration for:

  • Anchor bolts
  • Base plate grouting
  • Clarifier tanks
  • Concrete joints
  • Concrete roof panels
  • Concrete spalls
  • Cracks (injections)
  • Dikes and Dams


  • Elevated slabs
  • Equipment pads
  • Gunite and shotcrete
  • Joints
  • Piers
  • Pump base grouting
  • Resurface slabs
  • Roof panels
  • Secondary containment vessels
  • Shotcrete beams
  • Slabs (resurface or replace)
  • SOG/grade beams
  • Spalls
  • Sump pumps and liners
  • Tank pads
  • Tank floor stabilization (grout underneath your tank)

Specialty Concrete Coatings

We also have experience in the application of specialty concretes for containment areas, floors and when using concrete as a lining.