We Are QP1 & NACE Certified

The AAMP QP1 Certification in Field Application Coating (formerly NACE/SSCP) is the industry standard in quality assurance for industrial, on-site coating applications. qp1 coatings certification seal

This certification is a third-party verification of a contractor’s capacity to adhere to a rigorous, quality-assuring process. The QP1 certification verifies:

  • Health, safety, and environmental compliance
  • High standards of quality control
  • Technical ability
  • Proficiency in management procedures


What This Means For You

When you work with a QP1-certified contractor, you don’t have to take their word for the quality of their work. It’s already been verified by comprehensive and continual audits. Every project is performed with audits and an explicit documentation process. This ensure quality work for every industrial coating and lining project. 


How We Stand Apart From The Rest

While the QP1 certification only applies to our Coatings & Linings division, we bring the same attention to detail to every one of our divisions. We use the same rigorous process to ensure quality in our Fiberglass and Masonry services also.  We go above and beyond with every job, even when no one is watching.


NACE Certified Workers On-Site

The NACE certifications (National Association Of Corrosion Engineers) are the premium qualifications in the world of corrosion control. There are three certification levels, each requiring years of experience, in-person training, and continued education.  We have coatings experts with various levels of NACE certification on staff. Our NACE-certified staff will also ensure your project is carried out to the highest quality standards.