Industrial Masonry Using Brick, Block & Tile (BBT)

About our BBT Team

Universal Blastco has a specialized industrial masonry group with decades of experience in the power generation, chemical processing, mining and pulp and paper industries. From inspections and repairs to preventive maintenance and new construction, their experience and fine craftsmanship will give you the reliability and performance you need to avoid unexpected downtime.

Have an emergency? We keep an inventory of commonly used bricks, blocks, and tiles – allowing us to respond immediately to reduce plant downtime.


This specialized group has decades of experience in industrial masonry – specifically repairing, installing and new construction of brick, block and tile structures.

New Construction – block/tile tanks and chests
Repairs/Maintenance – from a single tile to a collapsed tank
Trench/sumps – repairs, relines and pre-fabbed drop-in liners
Concrete restoration – caused by erosion or corrosion
Polymer Concretes – for highly corrosive environments
Concrete tank leak repair


Constant exposure to abrasive elements, drastic shifts in temperature and corrosive chemicals create for a very harsh environment. The durable makeup of bricks, blocks and tiles matched with experienced craftsmanship create a protective lining or structure that has:

  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Outstanding stability to temperature changes
  • Ability to handle very harsh elements
  • High resistance to corrosion



Common Brick, Block and Tile Applications

We’re able to perform jobs of any size, from a single tile up to an entire tank. Most commonly, our brick, block, and tile services are utilized in the following applications:

  • Acid tanks
  • Bleach tanks
  • Chlorination tower lining
  • Containment areas
  • Ducts
  • HD towers (high density tanks)
  • Paper mulch tanks
  • Seal chests
  • Trench lining
  • Washers

Block and Tile paper pulp chest at a paper mill

Block chest at a power plant

Rebar outside of a large tile tank

A tile lining being repaired inside a dryer pit

Tile Lining in Steel Tank at chemical plant

Tile repair in chemical chest

Looking up at the top of a tank linked with tile