Clarifier Tank Concrete & Grout Pours (8 Tanks)

At Universal Blastco, we provide a comprehensive range of high-performance corrosion control solutions for industrial clients. We apply and install a variety of coatings and linings for demanding environments, including resinous linings, fireproofing, thin-film coatings, ceramic tile linings, acid brick linings, and tile-lined concrete. For every project, our team offers design assistance and internal field engineering services, which allow them to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise throughout the project. 

The following case study highlights our expert ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. For this project, we were able to deliver a complete solution that fulfilled the client’s need for both concrete pouring and coating services. As part of our complete project management services, we were able to complete the project within the client’s schedule and time frame by arranging multiple mobilizations. 


The client requested the construction of eight clarifier tanks. To complete this project, we needed to pour 630 yards of concrete and 40 yards of clarifier grout and apply vinyl ester and epoxy coatings to finish the surface. 

Some of the challenges in completing this project included:

  • Varying weather conditions. The project involved completing individuals placements at different times of the year. As both hot and cold temperatures can impact the curing periods of concrete and grout, we had to adapt our placement based on the external temperature. 
  • Grout differences. Clarifier grout is a specialty grout that demonstrates heat and sulfate resistance and is used to support machinery installation that require precise alignment and calibration. As it requires precise moisture levels before it can be sealed and painted, we needed to monitor environmental conditions closely and employ specialized equipment to facilitate ideal curing conditions.


We were able to successfully complete the 12 clarifier tanks scoped for the project. As our team took on the responsibility of performing both the concrete pouring and coating application operations, we were able to ensure that both layers met the correct tolerances and were built for long-term performance. 

Some of the factors that ensured the success of this project included:

  • Quick mobilization. As we possess our own concrete pump, we were able to prepare and mobilize our expert concrete crew quickly. 
  • Control of the concrete mixing and pouring process. Employing our concrete pump and a local volumetric mix truck allowed us to mix the exact amounts of grout required per tank or task in the project. This precise proportioning reduced the amount of material waste and minimized the resultant costs for the client. By maintaining control of the material mixture process, we were also able to ensure the performance of the final product. 
  • Custom-built construction aids. Although the tanks did not have functional rakes at the time of placement, our team created custom construction aids to facilitate the application processes. By doing so, we were able to obtain proper elevations for the construction material. 

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This project was completed in time, with each of the tanks properly sealed and built to exact tolerances. The expert team at Universal Blastco managed the project from start to finish to provide a long-lasting, reliable solution. 

At Universal Blastco, our corrosion control solutions are built to withstand years of operation in extreme industrial environments without failing. We specialize in providing high-performance linings and coatings for power plants and coal-fired power plants. 

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