Don’t settle for the lowest bidder

Alright, so maybe choosing the lowest bidder for your next lining and coating job doesn’t feel like settling – but there’s a chance you may be unknowingly settling for lower quality and a potentially higher overall cost in the long run.

Comparing bids from lining and coating contractors can leave you in analysis-paralysis, making it quite tempting to just pick the lowest bidder and get your shiny new coating underway. You may even feel like a hero when you can report out on the incredible price you’ve secured.

But think about this…

To stay competitive yet profitable, most lining and coating contractors work for similar margins. So, if one of the bids is substantially lower than the rest – one that makes you say, “oh wow!” out loud – that’s reasoning to throw the caution flag.

Do yourself the justice of digging more into the seemingly competitive pricing:

  • Did they understand the full scope of the project?
  • Will they be compromising quality with lower skilled labor and low-quality materials?
  • Will the work be completed on budget or will there be costly change orders?
  • Did they include dehumidification, air conditioning or heat to ensure proper atmospheric conditions are being met per the manufacturer’s product data sheets?
  • Will they be a good, responsive partner?
  • Do they have the fitting experience for this exact scope of work?
  • Are they properly insured?
  • Are they offering a warranty for their work? For how long?
  • Will they track and provide you with quality records throughout the project to ensure the installation follows the manufacturer’s guidelines?
  • If they are painting, how will they protect the surrounding facility and equipment from overspray?

Every single one of these are critical for a successful coating job.

Do you want the job done right the first time?

A great contractor understands how critical it is to ensure your downtime is minimized – and works with integrity to ensure that it’s done right (the first time).

Below are qualities to look for in your future lining and coating partner, and great topics to inquire to their references about:

  • Good safety statistics and an emphasis on safe practices
  • Extensive experience in the exact scope of work you need, and can provide past job details and references
  • Highly skilled, trained and established crews with proper quality certifications
  • History of completing jobs on budget and on time
  • Strong project leadership in the field
  • Transparency to project status, schedule, inspection reports, etc.
  • Properly bonded and insured
  • Quality equipment and supplies
  • Willingness to be innovative and flexible to meet your unique needs
  • Offers more services that you could utilize in your operation, allowing you to form a stronger working partnership
  • Takes ownership over faults in the work and works with you to resolve any issues

At Universal Blastco we price our jobs with integrity. We may not always be the lowest bid you receive, and that is not what we intend to do. We intend to do the job right, the first time.

Contact us at 803-773-6388 or for a quote or for a consultation.


This coating was failing after many attempts to repair it. Year after year they kept selecting the lowest bidder, who was simply covering it up with a new coating rather than removing the existing failed coating and properly preparing the surface.

corroded tank lining



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