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Demineralization Tanks Rubber Reline

These three demineralization tanks’ interior rubber linings had well exceeded their lifespan.


Fiberglass Tank Liners

These 5 uranium settling tanks were not able to be replaced due to the permanent infrastructure surrounding them.


Steel Surge Tank Coatings

These two new steel surge tanks received a topcoat of Sherwin Williams Acrolon.


Rubber Lining in Nuclear Waste Tank

The largest single rubber lining application to date! This nuclear waste tank spanned 2.5 acres, and holds 32 million gallons.


New Construction of Tile Filtrate Chest

Universal Blastco was contracted by Weiland to build a new 3,500 square foot paper mulch tank for a paper mill in Michigan.


Electrolyte Filter Tank Reline

After the ebonite rubber lining in 6 Electrolyte Filter Tanks began to fail, the customer came to us for guidance on a better solution that could better handle the operating conditions.


Steel Tank Reline with Vinyl Ester System


Universal Blastco was contracted to reline 3 steel underflow tanks that had coating failures.

Nozzle Repair, Blast & Reline Carbon Steel Tank

A Zinc Recycling plant had a carbon steel tank that was facing continual nozzle leaks. It got to the point that they had to consider replacing the entire tank. They brought this issue to Universal Blastco, and we worked together to create a custom solution to repair the nozzles.

Rubber Lining in Clarifier Tanks

Universal Blasto was subcontracted by Fisher Tank to replace an interior rubber lining on two clarifier tanks. The work needed to be completed simultaneously and in a timely manner. (more…)