Electrolyte Filter Tank Reline

After the ebonite rubber lining in 6 Electrolyte Filter Tanks began to fail, the customer came to us for guidance on a better solution that could better handle the operating conditions.


    • INDUSTRY: Zinc Recycling
    • CUSTOMER: American Zinc Products
    • LOCATION: Mooresboro, NC
    • YEAR: 2020
    • FOR MORE INFORMATION: Reference job S20-023



American Zinc Products (AZP) is a leading producer of recycled zinc in the United States. They are respected for turning what could have been industrial waste into an extremely valuable commodity. Universal Blastco is very proud to be a trusted partner with AZP to address any corrosion issues they face. Learn more about what AZP does, and the recycled products they make.



AZP first came to Universal Blastco when they were facing an issue with the linings within their Electrolyte Filter Tanks. These tanks were originally lined with ebonite rubber, and the linings were beginning to fail. They needed a better solution that could handle the operating conditions. Universal Blastco coatings experts then recommended a trowel-applied layer of International Paints Ceilcote 6650 MR Vinyl Ester system. This coating is designed specifically for the protection of steel against corrosive chemicals, and we’ve had great experience with it in past tanks.

The customer was very pleased with the quality of the work and the system chosen. We have lined 6 more of these tanks since for our customer due to its success.

tank train lined with reinforced vinyl ester

entryway of a tank lined with reinforced vinyl ester

tank interior relined with reinforced vinyl ester

a new vinyl ester lining inside a tank


In addition to coatings, Universal Blastco does blasting, linings, FRP work, industrial masonry, inspections, concrete restoration and more. Request your free quote here, email blastco@isginc.us or call 803-773-6388.

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