Fiberglass Spray Headers Piping Replacement

Universal Blastco was contracted to secure 4 stories of fiberglass spray header joints.


  • INDUSTRY: Power Generation
  • CUSTOMER: 771-Megawatt Coal-Fired Power Station
  • LOCATION: South Carolina
  • YEAR: 2020
  • FOR MORE INFORMATION: Reference job C20-100


The customer had to fully demo 4 levels of stainless steel-truss supported spray headers with FRP self-supporting spray headers. Universal Blastco supported Graycor Southern with doing FRP joints (Butt Wraps) at all of the trunk lines and branch lines of the spray headers once they were fitted in place.

fiberglass butt wrap to secure joint


This project was a great team effort and the customer was very happy with an early and safe completion, and a quality job done by all parties involved.

fiberglass piping being repaired

looking up at 4 stories of fiberglass piping

a large fiberglass pipe being lifted


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