New Construction of Tile Filtrate Chest

Universal Blastco was contracted by Weiland to build a new 3,500 square foot paper mulch tank for a paper mill in Michigan.


    • INDUSTRY: Pulp & Papertile interior of paper mulch tank
    • CUSTOMER: Graphic Packaging, contracted by Weiland
    • LOCATION: Kalamazoo, MI
    • YEAR: 2020
    • FOR MORE INFORMATION: Reference job M20-025.


Graphic Packaging is a leading provider of packing solutions for the food and beverage industries. In 2020 they began expanding their Kalamazoo, MI facility by installing a new paperboard machine. This new machine will produce the highest quality coated recycled board product in North America. Source


  • Filtrate Chest

    block exterior of paper mulch tank

  • Block exterior, tile interior and filled with cement mortar
  • 17 feet tall, open top
  • 3,500 sq. ft. footprint
  • 6 interior compartments
  • Used 4,000 blocks and 21,000 tile


  • Rebar was installed by a local rebar installer.
  • Manways and nozzles were set in place and welded to rebar cage.
  • Tile was laid one course at a time. Concrete was then poured between the block and tile after each tile course’s mortar had cured.
  • The top of the tank was then capped off. Our crew hand cut the specific tile shapes needed.
  • After the walls were capped off, a sloped floor fill was poured. A tile floor and fillet was installed on the sloped floor.
  • The project was completed on time, safely and passed all inspections. Our entire crew was proud of the quality work they did.
    laying tile at top of tank
blocks being laid on exterior or rebar

interior of paper filtrate chest

interior view of paper filtrate chest being built

top ledge of tile tank

pour grout on tank floor

slanted tile floor on interior of tank

inserts built into wall of tile tank

tile cut to fit corner ledge on top of tile tank

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