Prefabricated Structural FRP Liner in Sump

When we saw how saturated this concrete was, we knew that a coating was not going to be an option to restore this sump.

Project Details

  • INDUSTRY: Chemical Processing
  • CUSTOMER: World leader in chemical production, science and innovation
  • LOCATION: Oklahoma
  • YEAR: 2022
  • FOR MORE INFORMATION: Reference job C22-060

Lining Solutions Beyond Paint

Universal Blastco provides full service SOLUTIONS, not just a tactical service. Our wide range of corrosion and erosion expertise allows us to truly provide the best solution for the problem. This project was a great example. This chemical plant requested a coatings and linings solution for their leaking sump. Although after we reviewed the configuration, permeation issues, and service conditions, we suggested a partially prefabricated structural FRP liner. We prefabricated the FRP panels in our shop with silica carbide infused resin to help combat the abrasions/erosion problems they were experiencing.

Prefabricated FRP Liner Installation Process

Once the sump was isolated, we worked with a subcontractor to pump out, pressure clean, and build containment over the structure. Due to extensive concrete erosion issues, we applied up to 6” of new fast setting concrete to the walls and floors to bring them back to their original contours and provide a solid, smooth surface to lay the FRP panels against. The panels were anchored to the walls and all the seams were field laminated to provide a continuous leak-proof system. This work was completed in 4 days of around the clock work.

a structural fiberglass lining inside a concrete sump

concrete deteriorated down to the aggregate

installing a prefabricated fiberglass panel into a sump

a leaking concrete sump at a chemical plant

a structural frp lining inside a concrete sump