Scrubber Area Acid Lining

This metal refining facility was in need of a strong floor coating in their scrubber containment area to protect against hydrofluoric acid.


  • INDUSTRY: Metals
  • LOCATION: Tennessee
  • YEAR: 2021
  • FOR MORE INFORMATION: Reference job M21-057


  • Primed all surfaces with Blome Primer 205
  • Applied Blome TL-405 C HWM System. This is a carbon filled vinyl ester trowel-mat-trowel system with a carbon fiber reinforced mat layer. System thickness of 120 mils.
  • Installed Acid Brick with Blome CP-100C Carbon Filled Vinyl Ester Mortar joints
  • Formed and poured pedestal caps with Blome CP-300 Vinyl Ester Concrete
  • Coated all pedestals with Blome TL-222 Vinyl Ester coating
blome vinyl ester flooring system

vinyl ester lining system on floor

acid brick floor lining in scrubber area

forming a concrete pedestal

acid brick floor lining

acid brick around concrete pedestal

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