Steel Belt Guards Replaced With Fiberglass

This gold mine had belt guards made of steel that were quickly corroding and rusting due to the harsh level of salts in the air. We built replacements out of fiberglass to spec, and they were installed onsite.

Fiberglass belt guard

Engineered Composite Solutions are a strong and reliable option for structural needs of demanding environments. Our specialized Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) team focuses solely on custom fabrication, installation, repairs and inspections. This team also maintains a fabrication shop where they manufacture custom pieces. This also allows them to work ahead for planned outages and emergency work.

You face unique situations. We work closely with you to develop solutions that fit the needs of your specific operation. Starting with design, engineering, and manufacturing through on-site installation, erection, and maintenance services.

In addition to FRP, Universal Blastco does blasting, coatings, linings, industrial masonry, inspections, concrete restoration and more. Request your free quote here, email or call 803-773-6388.

Raw fiberglass being structured into a belt guard

Raw fiberglass being structured into a belt guard

A belt guard being built out of fiberglass

Yellow Fiberglass Belt Guard

building belt guards out of fiberglass

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