Steel Tank Reline with Vinyl Ester System


Universal Blastco was contracted to reline 3 steel underflow tanks that had coating failures.


  • INDUSTRY: Coal-Fired Power Generation
  • CUSTOMER: LG&E Mill Creek
  • LOCATION: Louisville, KY
  • YEAR: 2020
  • FOR MORE INFORMATION: Reference job U20-501

This shows the process and photos for the second of the three tanks we completed. The customer chose a Blome International Vinyl Ester trowel-mat-trowel system.


  • First, we hung concrete blankets on the tank’s exterior because this project was completed in the winter. We continuously monitored the interior temperature with Flir thermal cameras to assure we kept the tank at the proper climate.
  • Blasted off existing coating to SSPC-SP10
  • Sprayed one coat of Blome Vinyl Ester Primer
  • Used Blome CP-110 putty to fill in the pits and sharp edges
  • Applied Blome TL-405 Reinforced Vinyl Ester trowel-mat-trowel system on the walls
  • Applied Blome TL-405AR Abrasion Resistant Reinforced Vinyl Ester trowel-mat-trowel system on the floor and 6 feet up the walls
  • Sprayed the ceiling with Blome TL-280 Flake Glass Vinyl Ester
vinyl ester lining on tank floor

the interior of a tank

blome vinyl ester lining on tank wall

spraying a tanks ceiling

scaffolding inside tank

filling bugholes with blome putty

tank ceiling being repaired

tank ceiling with new coating

thermal blankets on a tanks exterior and a thermal camera image

craftsman applying a trowel-mat-trowel system

coating failures on steel tank

before and after of corroded nozzle


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