Bleach Washer Vat FRP Reline

Talents combined from our FRP and Industrial Masonry divisions to reline this bleach washer vat.


  • INDUSTRY: Pulp & Paper
  • CUSTOMER: World leader in paper production
  • LOCATION: New York
  • YEAR: 2022
  • FOR MORE INFORMATION: Reference job C22-025


After years of the harsh paper bleaching process, this bleach washer vat, along with its repulper and inlet, was in need of a new lining. During the paper company’s outage, Universal Blastco removed the existing lining and installed a new fiberglass lining. This was completed in just 5 days, working around the clock.

While the original and new lining was fiberglass (FRP), the structure had a tile lining underneath. Universal Blastco was able to perform these multiple very different services that would usually require two separate specialty contractors.

Relining Process: 

First our specialty Fiberglass crew demolished the existing FRP liner. Then our Industrial Masonry crew came in and inspected the tile lining. In order to provide a sturdy base for the new FRP lining, we performed small repairs on damaged parts of the tile. Next, we prepared the surface of the tile lining, giving it a clean and suitable condition for the new lining to adhere to. 

Our Fiberglass crew returned to install the new FRP lining. We began by applying bond coupons and inspecting them to assure that the surface was ready for the new liner. We then applied Derakane 8084 primer and then installed the new FRP lining by mechanically fastening it with stainless steel wedge pin style  anchors, staggered every 2 feet. Lastly, a resin rich topcoat including 6% paraffin wax was applied. 


From replacing a single tile to building an entirely new Tile Filtrate Chest, we are proud to provide many critical services to the Pulp and Paper industry.

In addition to FRP and Industrial Masonry work, Universal Blastco specializes in protective coatings and linings, rubber linings, concrete restoration, flooring solutions and other industrial corrosion services. Request your quote here, email or call us at 803-773-6388.

deteriorated frp lining in a washer vat

tile being prepared before relining a bleach washer vat

new frp lining installed in a pulp and paper washer vat

a repulper washer vat with a new frp liningthe inlet of a washer vat with a new frp lining