Scrubber Duct Reline with Reinforced Vinyl Ester

Universal Blastco was subcontracted to reline the interior of this 34,000 square foot scrubber duct. It was completed in two stages.

Workings on scaffolding relining a duct interior


  • INDUSTRY: Coal-Fired Power Generation
  • LOCATION: New Mexico
  • YEAR: 2016 and 2017
  • TYPE OF WORK: Planned maintenance outages



  • Stainless and carbon steel structure
  • 34,000 square foot surface area
  • Ranges from 30 to 40 foot diameter round shape, and forms into a 42×17 rectangle on one end
  • Connects the absorbers to the stack



The customer selected a Blome International vinyl ester lining system for the interior of this scrubber duct. The bottom half of the duct received a heavier duty lining system to best fit the conditions within the duct.

  • Blasted off the existing coating
  • Sprayed a layer of Blome Primer 205 High Elongation Vinyl Ester Primer
  • Sprayed 1 layer of Blome TL-280 Sprayable Flake Glass Vinyl Ester Lining on the top half
  • Applied a trowel coat of Blome 220 Flake Glass Vinyl Ester Lining on the bottom half
  • Applied a trowel coat of Blome 405 Woven Roving Reinforced Vinyl Ester Lining on the bottom half



A great amount of planning and preparation goes into the scheduling of a maintenance outage in the power generation industry. Many tasks are dependent on the completion of others. As we work in many outages throughout the year, we understand how important it is for everyone to be flexible and accommodating when plans change. When we learned that the outage schedule was running behind, we worked quickly to increase our staff and timeline to complete our task a week early. We completed the work in 19 days, when we were originally schedule for 27 days. 


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Circular scaffolding in large ductwork

Relining the interior of ductwork

Working in a coal fired power plant

Blasted interior of a large duct

Applying a vinyl ester trowel lining

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