Secondary Containment and Sump Coatings

Blasting and coating of secondary containment and sump areas.


  • INDUSTRY: Coal-Fired Power Plant
  • LOCATION: Kentucky
  • YEAR: 2022
  • FOR MORE INFORMATION: Reference job U22-521



These concrete containments and sumps at a coal-fired power plant required a new protective coating. This project had to be completed on night shift as the concrete was reaching 125
degrees during the day.


We started by grinding down form lines and ridges, and then blasting to get the surface smooth and ready to coat. PPG Amercoat 114A Filler was applied to the bugholes, followed by a layer of PPG Amerlock Sealer. We then applied topcoats of either PPG Novaguard 890 or PolySpec NovoRez 370. We repaired quite a few of the curbs too with Milamar ICO Gel, as they were in need of some TLC. Keeping secondary containment areas in good shape is important to protect the ground below and surrounding areas of your plant from contamination.



In addition to coatings and linings, Universal Blastco specializes Fiberglass Reinforced Polymers (FRP), industrial masonry using brick, block and tile, concrete restoration and other industrial corrosion services. Request your quote here, email or call 803-773-6388.

blasting the concrete walls of a secondary containment area

filled bugholes in concrete wall

new coating on a secondary containment area

eroded concrete curb

reconstructed concrete curb

secondary containment area

tank pad in secondary containment area

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